Soon every company will be a software company

Good article¬†regarding “Responsive Enterprises” by Erik Meijer and Vikram Kapoor.

In the next decade every business will be digitized and effectively become a software company. Leveraging software, and, in general, computational thinking, to make a business responsive to change using a closed-loop feedback system will be crucial to surviving in this new world where business = data + algorithms. Some examples of responsive companies follow.

New attack scenarios in the cloud

Browserstack had a security incident. It is quite interesting to see what happened and how the attacker gained access to the EC2 infrastructure.

The old prototype machine had our AWS API access key and secret key. Once the hacker gained access to the keys, he created an IAM user, and generated a key-pair. He was then able to run an instance inside our AWS account using these credentials, and mount one of our backup disks. This backup was of one of our component services, used for production environment, and contained a config file with our database password. He also whitelisted his IP on our database security group, which is the AWS firewall.


Smokeping under Debian with Master-Slave configuration

Since it happened every time with my master-slave setup that data of new probes does not show up, I am blogging it here for future reference.

Make sure that the Smokeping directory is writable for www-data.

Furthermore make sure that the directories and RRD files in the directories have the correct permissions. When Smokeping creates new RRDs they have wrong permissions!

As soon as the permissions are correct, data starts showing up. As you can see there is a *.slave_cache file since one of the slaves is currently sending data. The file is owned by the Apache process because the master-slave-communication uses the Smokeping CGI.

I hope this helps.