Links for 10.12.2014

The POODLE bites again (08 Dec 2014): October’s POODLE attack affected CBC-mode cipher suites in SSLv3 due to SSLv3’s under-specification of the contents of the CBC padding bytes. Since SSLv3 didn’t say what the padding bytes should be, implementations couldn’t check them and that opened SSLv3 up to an oracle attack.

musicForProgramming();: Some nice tracks for concentration

Wickr’s self-destructing secure messages are now on OS X, Windows and Linux: The Wickr mobile apps for iOS and Android are known for incredibly secure messaging that feature a self-destruct option for text, images and videos. Now those messages are available on your desktop. – by Roberto Baldwin

The astonishing rise of Angela Merkel, the most powerful woman in the world.: A summer afternoon at the Reichstag. Soft Berlin light filters down through the great glass dome, past tourists ascending the spiral ramp, and into the main hall of parliament. Half the members’ seats are empty. – by John Lanchester, George Packer

Mantis: Netflix’s Event Stream Processing System: Another great techonolgy by Netflix – by Danny Yuan

Links for 06.12.2014

ASP.NET vNext on OSX and Linux Redux: Things have changed a fair bit since my last post back in May, and getting the latest and greatest ASP.NET vNext up and running with Mono is now reasonably straight forward, so I thought I’d do a quick update on installing ASP.NET vNext on OSX and Linux. – by Graeme Christie

Shodan Add-on for Firefox: It’s now possible to see what information Shodan has available on a server from within Firefox thanks to the new Shodan add-on created by @PaulWebSec and @romainletendart! It’s a minimalistic yet powerful add-on to see what the website you’re visiting is exposing to the Internet. – by achillean

Facebook redesigned the data center network: 3 reasons it matters: Earlier this month, Facebook announced a new data center networking architecture that it calls, fittingly, “data center fabric.

Scientists predict green energy revolution after incredible new graphene discoveries: Researchers have discovered that graphene allows positively charged hydrogen atoms or protons to pass through it despite being completely impermeable to all other gases, including hydrogen itself. – by Steve Connor

Internet Explorer’s User Agent Madness

Microsoft is introducing the next level of User Agent madness with IE11: Now the browser tells the server that he is basically every browser on the planet…

IE Edge mode in Windows Developer Preview and RemoteIE builds is a new “living” document mode designed for maximum interoperability with other modern browsers and contemporary web content


Links for 17.11.2014

Reaching the Summit of Web Performance with Performance has become critical to the success of websites, and of e-commerce sites in particular. With customers expecting web pages to load increasingly faster, they will often lose patience, especially in a purchase process, if they have to wait for too long. – by Oliver Wegner

ASP.NET 5 Overview: ASP.NET 5 is a significant redesign of ASP.NET. This topic introduces the new concepts in ASP.NET 5 and explains how they help you develop modern web apps. Introduction to ASP.NET 5 ASP.NET 5 is a lean .NET stack for building modern web apps. – by Tom FitzMacken

Introducing Gulp, Grunt, Bower, and npm support for Visual Studio: Web Development, specifically front end web development, is fast becoming as complex and sophisticated as traditional back end development. Most projects don’t just upload some JS and CSS files via FTP. – by category

Feedback-Centric Development – The One Hacker Way: Erik Meijer got something right in his talk “One Hacker Way”. There’s a lot of bashing and ranting… but at the core there also is a precious diamond to be found. It’s his admonition to be driven by feedback.