Links for 16.11.2014

Thanks to WP Stacker there is an easy way to post links from Pocket to WordPress. I am going to play with that during the next weeks and post interesting stuff from my reading list here.

Making Sense of CSP Reports @ Scale: Content Security Policy isn’t new, but it is so powerful that it still feels like the new hotness. The ability to add a header to HTTP responses that tightens user-agent security rules and reports on violations is really powerful. – by Iván L.

.NET vs. MEAN: Migrating from Microsoft to Open Source: Moving from .NET to node.js

Tracking Protection on Firefox: Tracking is the collection of a person’s browsing data across multiple sites, usually via included content. Tracking domains attempt to uniquely identify a person through the use of cookies or other technologies such as fingerprinting. Firefox is going to improve the situation for the users.

Berlin’s digital exiles: where tech activists go to escape the NSA: It’s the not knowing that’s the hardest thing, Laura Poitras tells me. “Not knowing whether I’m in a private place or not.” Not knowing if someone’s watching or not. Though she’s under surveillance, she knows that. It makes working as a journalist “hard but not impossible”. – by Carole Cadwalladr

How to do VPN on Demand for iOS at zero cost despite Apple’s best efforts to prevent this: Apple support a feature called ‘VPN on Demand’ despite the best efforts of both Apple and VirnetX to sabotage this. There are three main requirements in order to implement this. – by John Lockwood

The Apple iPad Air 2 Review: As we approach the holidays, Apple has launched a new iPad as expected. As one might expect from the name, the iPad Air 2 is more of an evolution of the original iPad Air than a clean-sheet design. – by Joshua Ho

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