Links for 10.12.2014

The POODLE bites again (08 Dec 2014): October’s POODLE attack affected CBC-mode cipher suites in SSLv3 due to SSLv3’s under-specification of the contents of the CBC padding bytes. Since SSLv3 didn’t say what the padding bytes should be, implementations couldn’t check them and that opened SSLv3 up to an oracle attack.

musicForProgramming();: Some nice tracks for concentration

Wickr’s self-destructing secure messages are now on OS X, Windows and Linux: The Wickr mobile apps for iOS and Android are known for incredibly secure messaging that feature a self-destruct option for text, images and videos. Now those messages are available on your desktop. – by Roberto Baldwin

The astonishing rise of Angela Merkel, the most powerful woman in the world.: A summer afternoon at the Reichstag. Soft Berlin light filters down through the great glass dome, past tourists ascending the spiral ramp, and into the main hall of parliament. Half the members’ seats are empty. – by John Lanchester, George Packer

Mantis: Netflix’s Event Stream Processing System: Another great techonolgy by Netflix – by Danny Yuan

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