It’s all about backups

My old computer serves as a nice power saving home server for Home Assistant, Nextcloud and some other services. Details will be covered another time.

I was cleaning up some Nextcloud directories and found an ugly bug that somehow led to Nextcloud deleting nearly all of the 2 GBs of data. That was the perfect time to go for some restore drill of my multi-level backup concept.


I adopted the “3-2-1” backup strategy a bit and spread my backups to local disks (Synology Diskstation and the Homeserver) and two remote targets: Wasabi and Amazon Cloud Drive. Currently I still enjoy the unlimited storage plan, let’s see how long this will last.

Needless to say that all backups are encrypted, even these in my house.

I backup all data of the Windows PC since this is the main computer. My Mac is configured to backup a selective subset of the data using Arq and a full backup via Time Machine to my Diskstation. The Homeserver is also scheduled to backup important data using to Wasabi.

The Diskstation is configured to backup itself on a external disk connected via USB and also to backup the important stuff via the AWS S3 Integration to Wasabi.

Total cost of Wasabi: about 10$ a month for about 2 TB  of data.

So, how is your backup strategy going?

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